by Cate Stillman
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Your microbiome is an organ as essential as your liver, lungs, intestines, brain, heart, and kidneys. 
Your microbiome is the mutualistic ecological community of beneficial, symbiotic, and pathogenic microorganisms that sets up colonies that mitigate how your human DNA cells function, receive nourishment and adapt to the changing world. The health of your microbiome determines whether you are sick, diseased, or healthy. 
Meet Cate Stillman
A pioneer in ancient-meets-modern health, Cate Stillman is the leader and CEO at CLUB THRIVE and WELLNESS PRO ACADEMY. She grew her first company, Yogahealer, by passing forward the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga. 

Driven by a mission to guide people to thrive, Cate is best known for resolving chronic symptoms, igniting ambition, and developing collaborative intelligence in those who join her dynamic clubs.

Global leader, podcaster and entrepreneur, she rewilds humans towards health, meaning, and purpose. Author of Body Thrive and Master Of You, Uninflamed is Cate’s third, and most edgy book.
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